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Recognition (2020)
Digital Imagines, Variable size

The work Recognition (2020) playfully investigated the connection among private photography, male gaze and technical gaze in a contemporary Chinese context. According to my research, most of the practitioners in the AI field are male. The highly gendered view is embedded in the technology.

In this work, I used the most popular search engine in China “Baidu” to identify the female images during the period of calendar girls as well as other female images in modern private photography. The search results surprised me, so I appropriated these search results into the work.

As for the images in the period of calendar girls, the pictures are basically desexualized because of the low resolution, so the deviation existing in the identification results is relatively large. Such a great deviation is closely related to the oppressive requirements on female image in our society. However, the high-definition private photos have unity and consistency after identification, the deviation is very small. The difference between these two results is closely related to the development of Internet vision system, but the technical progress has also accelerated the consumption and exploitation of female images. Therefore, in the exhibition, the source images that have been consumed many times are printed in the smallest form possible and placed at the bottom to minimize the extent to which these images are consumed.

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